Out of the Woods and Thriving

Published on 1 April 2024 at 15:17

It's been a week since our last blog entry, not because we had nothing to report but because we didn't want to tempt fate. However we are delighted to be able to now write that the remaining four pups, Ross, Chandler, Rachel and Joey, are all doing well. They were a couple of days slow in doubling their birth weights but yesterday (at three weeks) they had all tripled their weights and had opened their eyes.

Kassi is being an awesome mum now that she is fully fit again and is attending to the pups whenever they need her - the rest of the time she is either under the bed or downstairs with the other dogs, and she is very relaxed about the whole thing now. People ask if she is aware that there are a couple of pups missing from the original 6, but to be honest if she is she shows now signs of anxiety about it - her energies and attention is solely focused on the pups in the whelping box.

Three of the pups have now been given new names by their owners to be; Chandler is now Ralf, Ross is now Loki and Rachel is Nolla - Joey is still Joey.

We have been running a webcam so that the owners to be and members of the Lumikoira family can watch the pups grow, we occasionally live stream the feed on my Facebook page and the comments left by viewers make it all worthwhile.

We have also forced the pups to endure the indignity of being given their worming medication over the past 3 days, the photos are of their first taste of Panacur - they were less willing to pose yesterday or today.

Ross - now Loki

Chandler - now Ralf

Rachel - now Nolla

Joey - still Joey

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