~ Phonetic Litter ~

Though it was an emotional roller-coaster at times the Karuselli litter had given us a taste for breeding and because there was no pup for us in the litter we decided to go it alone and have our own litter and have it registered under own Lumikoira affix.

We had remained great friends with Carol Stuckey ( Mylo's breeder) and conversations between Louise and her resulted in a return trip to Suffolk for a mating between Kiva and the rather gorgeous Heikki (LapinLumon Karvajalka of Honeybears).

It was a fruitful visit and Kiva went on to have a litter (the Phonetic litter) of 4 puppies. 3 boys; Alpha, Beta and Charlie and a girl, Delta.

~ Lumikoira TuukkaTuu ~


Pictured here with his sister Sassi Alpha, later known as TuukkaTuu, went to live with Mark, Kay and Kane in Wiltshire but due to ill health within the family he wasn't able to stay with them. However, he landed on his feet, when their great friends Christian and Tania were asked if they would be prepared to re-home him they leapt at the chance and gave Tuukka a fabulous life.

If you'd like to see some photos of the dog that we subsequently referred to as "Lumikoira's Best Kept Secret" you can do so here

~ Lumikoira Vesakko ~

Now known as Woody, Beta went to live in North London with Oliver, Lisa and their 2 (now 3) daughters.

We don't get as many photos of this stunning brown boy as we would like, but we do know that he is loving his life with his family.

The photo is of Louise holding Woody on his departure day - from it you will see just what a cuddly and chunky boy he was  - but by all accounts he hasn't changed much and still loves his cuddles.

~ Lumikoira Veikko ~

Charlie but now called  Viggo went to live in West Sussex with Lisa and Terry. 

They have since moved to Yorkshire where Viggo helps Terry maintain his quad bike and motorbike, and Lisa with her dog walking business and dog-fur spinning and knitting business, Threadbears (more), 

You will be able to read a lot more about living with Viggo soon. In the meantime you can see some photos of him here.

~ Lumikoira Sassi~

Formerly Delta, but registered as Sassi, was the icing on the cake of the litter as she was the unexpected and surprise fourth puppy.

She was a the perfect pup, well balanced, calm, sensitive, loving and lovable. She was also the perfect playmate for our long-term guest Summer

At two years of age she went to live with our dear friends the Godfreys where as she excelled as a therapy dog to their two children, a stooge dog for a dog-training business, a big sister to their second dog Sura, and auntie to their third dog, Xena.

Sassi has some photos in the gallery here, and her own page here