~ The Trikolori (Sukla) Litter ~

Born in 2016, our Trikolori litter, also known as the Sukla (chocolate) litter, comprised Luti (Tummasuklaa or Dark Chocolate), Meeko (Maitosuklaa or Milk Chocolate) and Ohra (Valkosuklaa or White Chocolate).

The litter was born to Lola and sired by our dear friends Nicola and Owen's stunning boy Lupo (Oberitz Trollnisse at Lumenico VW).

~ Lumikoira Tummasukla ~

Luti went to live with Anne and Peter  in Bucks. They knew of Finnish Lapphunds through their friendship with Nigel and Elizabeth Shepherd, another Lappy owning couple and their shared interest in Norwegian Forrest Cats.

Luti now lives a pretty chilled life with his family enjoying walks in the Bucks countryside and trips out in their motor home.

He is also a regular visitor here as he sometimes stays with us when Anne and Peter go abroad.

~ Lumikoira Maitosuklaa ~

Meeko headed off to his new home in Hertfordshire with Nicola and Owen and his dad Lupo and in doing so disproved the myth that 2 Lappy males can't get on.

We didn't just have to take his owners word that this was the case as Lupo and Meeko have been regular, and returning guests here at Lumikoira Lodge.

Meeko is a true character and lovable clown, and he specialises in finding uncomfortable places and positions in which to lie. He also is a dab hand at doing well in the show-ring, as one of Nicola's hobbies is dog showing. In fact Meeko has done exceedingly well in the ring, qualifying for Crufts at every opportunity and also being awarded his KC Stud Book number (if you know, you know).

I have asked Nicola to contribute something for this website and it can be found here there are also some photos of Meeko here

~ Lumikoira Valkosuklaa ~

One of the first images I had found of a Lappy was a stunning photo of a cream male sitting proudly in the Malvern Hills, I had wanted a cream Lappy ever since.

In the morning after the litter had been born Louise greeted me with a cup of coffee and a "why don't we keep the cream one?" comment - the rest, they say, is history, Ohra would be our keeper.