~ The Lumipoikue (Snow) Litter ~

In October 2020 a romantic liaison took place between Sura (Lumikoira Tahtimimmi) and Lupo (Oberitz Trollnisse at Lumenico VW) which resulted, 2 months later, in the Lumipoikue litter.

Parting with her beloved Sura wasn't easy for Amy, however the upside for her was that when Sura went home she was accompanied by Xena, one of 5 pups born in that litter.

Sura took to motherhood like a duck to water and in addition to Xena, produced 4 boys.

The litter would have a snow theme as just as Sura started her labour snowflakes began to fall.

But bucking our trend for witty names the pups were initially identified as Black 1, Black 2, Brown 1 and Brown 2 - the girl was always going to be Xena.

The litter went on to be registered with the Finnish word for snow incorporated into it - Lumikengät (snow shoes), Lumileijona (snow lion), Lumituli (snow fire), Luminaamio (snow mask) and Lumimäyrä (snow badger).

~ Lumikengät (now Xena) ~

Just as snow started to fall Amy, sent us a message saying that she "had a feeling" - her feeling was justified as I was able to reply almost immediately with the news that the first pup had been born.

Amy and family were always going to have one of the litter if there was a girl, their girl had been born, and she would be called Xena.

You can find out more about her here, and see some photos of her here

~ Lumileijona (now Taisto) ~

Pia and Timo were pointed in our direction by a fellow breeder (Trisha Kennedy) and it is to Pia that we must be grateful for the Finnish names of the pups as she is a native of Finland. 

Pia and Time live in Bedfordshire, so not too far away, with the rather stunning Taisto, of whom we are rather proud as in 2023 he was awarded his KC Stud Book number, thus qualifying for Crufts for life. There are some photos of him here

 ~ Lumituli (now Tuli) ~

Tuli lives in Hampshire with Neil and Caroline and their 2 daughters, Sophia and Kayla.

The family were already familiar and comfortable with Lappies as they are related to Pippi's family.

Tuli is first and foremost a much loved family pet with occasional moments of madness when his cousin Pippi comes for a visit, you can see some photos here

~ Luminaamio (now Zorro)~

Rachel had been longing for a Lapphund for many years, in fact the first Lappies she ever met were our late Mylo and Kiva at Discover Dogs.

She contacted me out of the blue when her life was ready for a Lappy to join her family on Guernsey. So off Zorro went (on a private jet no less) for what would be a very special life. Rachel is in the process of putting some words and pictures together of him and they will be uploaded soon.

~ Lumimäyrä~

Odin, as he is now known, went to live in the next county and quite close to his mum, with Rik and Debbie.

Essentially a well loved family pet Odin does like to strut his stuff in the show ring qualifying for Crufts at his first show. In fact in trying to find suitable photos to include I realised how many of them are of him in a showing environment - you can see his gallery here