~ The Karuselli Litter ~

This litter came because Liz Mowatt of TabanyaRuu had planned to have a litter from one of her own bitches, however as is often the case, nature intervened and the litter didn't happen. Instead Louise and Liz traveled to France for a mating with a rather stunning cream male, Dallas Jethro Gibbs.

It was hoped that the resulting litter would be a mixture of colours that would perhaps include cream.  He was a proven sire and had fathered some lovely pups.

The plan was for Kiva to go Liz's home to give birth and raise her pups for their first 8 weeks before returning to us.

Kiva's pregnancy went smoothly and at 5 weeks she was scanned with 5 puppies being visible. Knowing that there would be 5 puppies meant that we could now think about litter names and we decided upon the 5 main characters from the Magic Roundabout and the Finnish word for roundabout is Karuselli.

For a number of reasons things didn't exactly go to plan and Kiva ended up having her litter here with us at what is now Lumikoira. 

Kiva started showing signs of impending labour in the early afternoon and we notified Liz that we thought things would be happening pretty soon - Liz set off from Surrey and arrived in the early evening of Monday evening, which was just as well as Kiva went into labour an hour later giving birth to Dylan at 7.23 - Florence followed 40 minutes later - Ermintrude coming just 24 minutes later - Dougal 1/4 of an hour later before Zebedee made his appearance just after 9.00. 

Within 2 hours of going into labour and 90 minutes after giving birth to her first pup the litter had been born.

Sadly two of the pups didn't survive their first week, Ermintrude slipped away after us spending the best part of 24 hours drip feeding her, the next day Dougal went to join her at Rainbow Bridge.  We did all that we could to try to help them through but sometimes nature knows best :-(

However Miika (was Dylan), Stig (was Zebedee) and Nushka (was Florence) went on to live lives filled with love with the new owners. You can find out more about them by following their links.

So why Karuselii you may ask - well, when pregnant Kiva used to squat on her bottom and scoot herself around in a circle, and as she did so Louise and I found ourselves humming along with the theme of the Magic Roundabout. The Finnish for roundabout (or carousel) is Karuselli - hence the litter name.

Readers need to know that even though this litter is documented on this site it is registered as a TabanyaRuu litter.

~ TabanyaRuu Karuselli Miika ~

Miika, or Dylan as he was known before going to his forever home, was the first born of Kiva's litter - he was always my favourite and, if all of the litter had survived, would probably have been our 3rd Lappy. Miika lived with his forever family, Jane & Mark Treasure, in Somerset where he enjoyed walks along the beach. Sadly he passed away a few years ago, but you can find out more about him here.

~ TabanyaRuu Karuselli Nushka ~

Florence as she was known before going to her new forever home, was the second born of Kiva's litter and was the baby of the bunch weighing some 30% less than big brother Dylan. 

As a new born puppy she was a born fighter, there were a few days when Louise and I feared she might not make it through her first week. However she developed into a lovable and feisty little girl with a massive personality.

She lives with Sue and Ralph in Bridgend where she ruled the roost in a home full of loved animals.

Nushka was Ralph's companion on long walks in the hills and countryside around their home town, Sue her companion at home. Sadly they had to say goodbye to Nushka just shy of her 12th birthday. Sue wrote;

"A heartbreaking day after having to have our wonderful Nushka put to sleep today. She would have been 12 on the 16th of this month but the cancer decided she would not make her birthday.

She was a beautiful girl in every way and we were so very lucky to have had her in our lives."

There are some lovely photos of Nushka here

~ TabanyaRuu Karuselli Stig ~

Or Zebedee as he was known before going to his new home, was the last born of Kiva's litter. 

He was always Louise's favourite and had, and still has, a head to die for.

Stig now lives with Kiva's sister, Impi, in Surrey (now Oxfordshire) with his forever family, the Baileys.

Rather than me write about him I thought that the best thing to do would be to ask one of his hufamiliy to do so, as a result Janine submitted the following.

Stig had won my affections from the first time I saw him at a few weeks old.  He still has the most adorable teddy bear face and fabulously thick, fluffy coat – one look from him and the most hardened heart has to melt. 

We were thrilled to bring him home to join our family which includes 3 young teenagers and Stig’s auntie (Kiva’s sister Impi). 

I am not working and two of our children are at home much of the time due to long term illness, so not only does Stig get lots of company, but my kids get loads of loving attention from him.

Stig settled in quickly, and barring a couple of accidents over the first few days he was soon house-trained. Stig and Impi get on really well together – and did right from the start.

Stig has certainly brought out a new side in his auntie, and I love to watch the two of them racing around outdoors then snuggling up together on their cushion. 

Stig, like all Lappies, is quick to learn and eager to please. He enjoys obedience classes and more recently ringcraft. His naughtiest pastime is digging in the garden – I’m sure he thinks he is being helpful.  But right now, he and Impi are asleep at my feet, what more could I want?

At the time of crating this new site (March 2024) I am hoping for an update from the Baileys, however in the meantime you can see some photos of him here