~ The Kaksisävyinen (Two Tone) Litter ~

It had already been decided that his would be Lola's final litter and she was mated with a rather stunning looking wolf-sable dog owned by Liz Mowatt in partnership with Mark and Karissa Dalrymple.

Mihku (Shacal Mihkku of TabanyaRuu) really was a lovely dog, not just in looks but in nature & temperament too.

We were very excited to see what would pups would be produced as he had sired some lovely offspring in previous litters abd in the evening of  Saturday February 3rd Lola decided to deliver her pups.

Pup one was born at 23.10 (a 400 gram cream male) and pup two at 23.48 (a 410 gram black tri male). Not a huge litter but boy they were huge pups.

We do like our litter themes here at Lumikoira and we decided that this one would be known as the Two Tone (Kaksisävyinen) litter and that the pups,  would initially be called Ebony and Ivory.

~ Lumikoira Harmaatassu ~

Ebony, who is now named Kimi, went to live with Emma and Rob (great friends of Lola's owners) and first time dog owners.

They embraced every opportunity to try something new with Kimi: Showing, yup, did that to some success including showing him at Crufts. Rally Obedience, yup, did that to great success too.

When Kimi celebrated his second birthday Emma posted some photos accompanied with some lovely words -  "Love this boy so much, there isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't make me smile, we are so very lucky to have him as part of our family."

In early 2024 their family was completed when they welcomed another member into it, a baby boy who they named Sebastian.

Emma is in the process of writing about her and Rob's experiences of living with Kimi, in the meantime you can see some photos of him here.

~ Lumikoira Jaakarhu ~

Sebbe, formerly Ivory, went to live with some friends in south west London John and Pip, their son Luke and Harri, their older Lappy.

Though the family don't use social media a lot we do get to see the boys quite regularly as they come to visit when their family is off on holiday,

Pip will shortly be sending me a brief article about their time with Sebbe, so please come back soon, however there are some photos of him here.