~ The Spice Girls Litter ~

In May 2018 Mäyrä went for a romantic break to south Oxfordshire so she could be mated to their lovely black tri boy Kissa (TabanyaRuu Onnea Kissa). It was a successful trip as a month later she was scanned and shown to be carrying a litter of three pups.

The litter would be born in August and with Louise and I being Leos we thought that a theme of the Three Lions would be apt, except Mäyrä hadn't read the memo.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, and 3 days earlier than expected, Mäyrä gave birth to 4 healthy girls, a brown and 3 black tris the Supreme litter it would have to be: Diana, Mary, Florence and Betty (yes we had to Google the others) had arrived.

We cleaned up after the whelping and Mäyrä, who had taken to motherhood in her stride, relaxed and concentrated on feeding her pups.

Louise headed off to the supermarket in the morning whilst I set up the puppy webcam (an innovation that allowed us, and the owners to be, to monitor the puppies). Ever cautious when working around the whelping box I counted off the pups, 1, 2, 3, 4 …. 5? WTF!

When did number 5 arrive? She certainly wasn’t there before Lou set off, so it was a case of Mäyrä delivering the new arrival all by herself, without any mess or fuss.

So another change of theme was necessary …. 5 pups, 5 girls, yup there was no choice, it was going to have to be the Spice Girls - so please welcome: Ginger (1st born brown tri) - Posh (2nd born black tri) - Sporty (3rd born black tri) - Baby (4th born black tri) - Scary (5th born black tri).

Louise and I would like to say a huge thank you to Liz Mowatt and Sue & David Croft for allowing us to use their wonderful boy, the boy had done good!

~ Lumikoira Inki ~

First born Ginger went off to live with Andrew and Naomi (plus cat) in Bedfordshire.

At the end of 2022 Inki had her own litter of two girls and a boy under Andrew's own KC affix, Whinfoss.

Inki is a lucky girl as Andrew decided to let her keep one of her pups, Talvi.

You can see some photos of Inki here.

~ Lumikoira Chilipippuri (now Pippi) ~

Posh, or Pippi as she is now called, went off to Surrey to live with Steve and Samantha Newby, their children Issac and Izzy, and Lumi, their Finnish Lapphund boy.

Sadly Lumi passed away in May 2023 and since then they have been hoping for another Lapphund to join Pippi. Perhaps she is trying to come up with a name for her. There are some photos of Pippi here

~ Lumikoira Kahvi (now Tiia) ~

Tiia is the most local of the pups to us and lives with Tom and Lauren in Warwickshire.

T-Dog, as Lauren refers to her, is a well loved member of their household and may (nature being accommodating) be joined by another Lappy in the spring of 2024 - watch this space.

Tiia isn't shown often, but when she is she does tend to do quite well :-) There are some photos of her here.

~ Lumikoira Piparminttu (now Miska) ~

Baby, now known as Miska went to live in Derbyshire with Annie and Martin and their other Lappy girl Taika.

Living as they do in a wonderful part of the country they have the opportunity for some fabulous walks that Annie manages to capture as she is a keen photographer and some of those photos can be seen here.

~ Lumikoira Seesami (now Poppy) ~

The least appropriately named pup in the litter, Scary, now Poppy, was anything but.

She headed of to Bournemouth but now lives in the New Forest where Jazzie owns and runs a busy dog kennels and cattery.

Jazzie very kindly responded to my request to Lumikoira owners to send me a few words about living with Poppy, they can be read here.