And Then There Were Four

Published on 25 March 2024 at 09:16

You get over one heartbreak and before you know it your hearts are broken again because on Saturday evening, 9 days after her birth, Monica joined her sister Phoebe at Rainbow Bridge.

She really was a determined pup - never appearing to want to give up. However it was evident that she wasn't growing at the same rate as her siblings. 

Louise and I were doing all we could to help her; Puppystim and Nutridrops were administered and she was given supplementary feeds. However nothing was working,

All we could do was to make sure she was warm and comfortable and with her mum and littermates.

Our IP cam was monitoring the whelping box continually so that we could watch what was going on and we were constantly amazed to see how Monica was still getting around and latching on to mum, in all her time with us she hardly made a sound other than contented murmurings whilst feeding. Unfortunately despite suckling on Kassi her underdeveloped internals were unable to absorb the nutrients needed to survive.

On Saturday evening she went to sleep for the final time  - we were heartbroken, she was a stunning looking pup and had a wonderful home lined up for her.

Trust me, this breeding malarkey can be truly heartbreaking at times.

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