Websites and weighing

Published on 1 March 2024 at 16:43

Luckily I managed to get out for a couple of walks in between the showers so the dogs haven't been neglected (as if) and the rest of my day has been spent tweaking this website and adding to it, specifically content for Miika's page which is now complete including a Miika photo gallery.

Needs must and I had to get out to our local town for some vital supplies; biscuits for the dogs and Louise's prescription plus to the vets so that I could weigh Kassi ... in her last pregnancy on day 48 she weighed in at 14.9, today (day 47) she weighed in at 15.5.

It's going to be interesting what she weighs next Thursday (day 53) when we go back for her Canine Herpes vaccination.

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