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Published on 29 February 2024 at 08:36

So - we are live! And with a blog no less ...

Our original site was created in 2011 and was last updated in 2016, the picture was the home page image showing Mylo and Kiva, in colour, superimposed onto a fantastic photo of a Nordic friend's Lappies.

It was incredibly lazy of me not to update the site, but there were a number of good reasons; a PC crash saw me lose the program I had been using to create the site (FrontPage), I didn't have a program (or the skills) to make websites viewable on PCs and phones, and the popularity of social media, especially Facebook, made it easy to upload content to the web.

A week or so ago (when we got news that Kassi was expecting) I thought that the time was right to do something about our lack of up-to-date information on the web.

I tried a few off the shelf drag-and-drop options before settling on Webador, which I have found to be very user friendly. It has it's own URL www.lumikoiralapphunds.com but our old domain name, www.lumikoira.com, is linked to it.

I intend posting stuff to this blog regularly, so please do pop back to check out the latest news.

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