Tiia's Litter

We've been a tad busy since the litter was born and as a result haven't had a chance to update this page. However, at the time of writing, May 13th we can confirm that the litter is doing very well.

I'll update this page with more news and some photos very soon.

The dad to the litter, Otso, is classed as a brown sable and was DNA tested to identify what colours he might carry - we're rather excited because according to this all colours are possible.

Tiia was scanned in mid March and the ultrasound confirmed her pregnancy and the presence of 4 developing embryos.

There's no pressure at all on Tiia to deliver as, if the pups come out in the right sex/colour combinations there are going to be some very happy owners.

The litter is due on or around April 19th and we have a couple of great themes ready for it.